Find your home

We will help you to find the perfect host family for your child, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment in which to enrich their education.

Responsibilities of our host families

  •   Provide meals and accommodation.

  •   Provide a separate room that is not shared with the host family and clean bedding.


  •   Provide pillow, duvet, and bed sheet.


  •   Provide communal space to share within the family.


  •   Provide a desk, a chair, place where students can keep clothes.  


  •   Pick up students at the school or where students are located (fuel cost £ 0.5 / mile).


  •   Care for students safe while students are staying in their homestay families.


  •   Arrange a local NHS doctor for students when they are sick. Tell a doctor if an emergency occurs and               immediately contact Edugo Guardian.


  •   Help students adapt well to homestay families and inform students about British culture  and various UK customs and UK life.

Do you want to be an Edugo Guardian Host Family?

Please click the link below to preview our application form. You can view the form online, and download it once you are ready by right-clicking and saving it to your computer. Once you have filled it in, please contact us and attach the form.